Open House Porto 2016

Hello, painters! Last week, there was an event here in Porto that’s called Open House. The concept is simple, but wonderful: about 50 spaces around the city were open for free visits during the weekend. There were three types of visits: free, accompanied (with the volunteer staff) and commented (accompanied by an invited specialist on that space, often architects). Another important detail: this is a worldwide initiative, … Continue reading Open House Porto 2016

5 Quick Recipes to try this Summer

Hey’all! Today I thought I would bring you some recipes I want to try during this Summer holidays. Even though I enjoy trying new recipes, during classes can be quite stressful – I mean, it’s not just about cooking but also about shopping the ingredients and cleaning the kitchen afterwards! (especially cleaning the kitchen ugh). But now that I have some time for my own, … Continue reading 5 Quick Recipes to try this Summer

What to wear this Summer?

Hey guys, today I’m bringing you some tips and outfit inspiration for the Summer months. A lot of people think – and I partially agree – that styling outfits during the Summer is a lot harder and more limited than, let’s say, Spring or Fall, because it’s hot out and you’ve got to put on less clothes, so therefore less options. But it doesn’t have to be boring, you can … Continue reading What to wear this Summer?

Makeup favorites of the moment

Hey! Today I’m back with another favorites post since I haven’t done one in a while. This time it’s dedicated to 3 makeup products that I purchased/been using lately and that I’m enjoying quite a lot. #1 – KIKO Skin Evolution Foundation (in natural rose). Starting with this one, what can I say guys, it’s my favorite foundation! I actually got it a long time ago … Continue reading Makeup favorites of the moment

The Playlist -Summer Festivals [June 2016]

Painters, ready for Summer festivals? We decided to pick some of our favourite songs from the artists that are coming to our parties. Yup, all these musics are going to be played in Portugal and we think that it’s a funny way to show you our faves! Let’s just jump right into it. I hope you guys enjoy these songs and I’ll see you soon … Continue reading The Playlist -Summer Festivals [June 2016]

Reflections: Having a great relationship with yourself

This is a very difficult topic, probably for all of us. We are constantly taught to love others, take care of others, look out for others, praise others… But don’t do it for yourself, otherwise you’ll be selfish and arrogant. This creates a paradox: we can’t love ourselves “too much”, so we starve our inner needs. And then we do end up being selfish, envious, … Continue reading Reflections: Having a great relationship with yourself

10 dream places to visit in the Summer

Hello! So I love travelling. I don’t do much of it myself, unfortunately, however it’s definitely a topic I’m very interested on and love to talk about. Our planet is so incredibly gorgeous and diverse as it is and there’s so much to see and do. So whatever you’re doing right now: pause it for a few moments, go grab your virtual sunscreen, bathing suit and … Continue reading 10 dream places to visit in the Summer