The Summer shopping list

Good evening people! How are you all doing? So I just finished my semester and all of a sudden I’m a lot more excited about summer clothing and putting together different outfits for the current weather. I decided to browse through a few of my favorite high street stores (Zara, ASOS and H&M) to pick out some pieces as a potential Summer shopping list. What do you … Continue reading The Summer shopping list

How to make an Inspiration Board

Hey guys! Inspiration board, mood board, vision board… whatever you want to call them, I think they’re just wonderful! Not only very aesthetically pleasing and lovely as decor, but also a great way to get creative and turn your vision/thoughts/dreams/goals into something visual and real – that you can look at, appreciate and change at any time. If you don’t have one already, you should consider creating it! Maybe … Continue reading How to make an Inspiration Board

Nail Care

Hey guys! I thought we could zoom in on our nails today, considering how mine have been a total wreck! I honestly don’t understand what has left my nails in such a bad state: I barely do housework (oops!), I don’t paint them that often, I haven’t done any gel or anything like that… Maybe I used a really terrible nail polish or maybe I’m just … Continue reading Nail Care

The Playlist – May 2016 – Summer is Coming!

Hey’all! How are you all doing? I hope everyone’s great because here we’re having a few changes. As you might have noticed, Luís didn’t publish last Thursday and unfortunately he left our Team Yellow. We need to thank him for all the work he has done and all the quality posts on Paint Me Yellow. With that being said, today we brought you our May … Continue reading The Playlist – May 2016 – Summer is Coming!

5 (yummy & simple) recipes to snack on

Hey everyone! So I gotta say this past week as well as the next few ones are really getting to me – it’s almost the end of the semester and there are so many tests, projects and overall work to get done, which can get (and it does) pretty stressful. If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation then this post is just for you: you have … Continue reading 5 (yummy & simple) recipes to snack on

Outfit of the day #3 – Spring night

Hey people, today I’m back with an outfit of the day. Well scratch that, it’s actually a night outfit that I wore earlier this week for dinner out. It was definitely a warm Spring night, just how I like it, and since I was wearing a new purchase I got recently (that I totally love) I thought I’d take a few shots to show you. I actually regret not … Continue reading Outfit of the day #3 – Spring night