OOTD – I’m here to stay

So… long time without writing, eh? I’m sorry folks but no, I haven’t abandoned my own blog. Unfortunately, 2016 isn’t my year at all (at least not the beginning of it!). It didn’t start off that well and when I finally decided to make myself feel better I was full of tests and exams. I wanted to start but it was that overwhelming feeling of having tons of late posts and not knowing where to start. Well, I decided to start from here and to start now. Once again, so sorry Painters but I’ll start post regularly from now on!

For today’s post I decided to bring an outfit, something I’m comfortable doing and that I missed a lot.Summer has only started now in Porto and we aren’t 100% sure if it’s going to stay with us. I’m using one of my favourite skirts (I think you guys already know this piece), a clear black shirt and my favourite pair of sailing shoes. To finish the look, I paired it with my newest bag and some sunnies. This look isn’t the biggest ode to Summer but we are needing warmer days!





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