Open House Porto 2016

Hello, painters!

Last week, there was an event here in Porto that’s called Open House. The concept is simple, but wonderful: about 50 spaces around the city were open for free visits during the weekend. There were three types of visits: free, accompanied (with the volunteer staff) and commented (accompanied by an invited specialist on that space, often architects).

Another important detail: this is a worldwide initiative, so if you like the idea, you can check if there is one around you. It would also be ideal if you’re traveling, we all know how expensive those touristic expenses can get!

The perks about this is that I got to settle my curiosity on some of the buildings and discovered and learned new information about a city that is nearly my hometown. Unfortunately, we had a few problems with the schedules, and I realized that maybe 3-4 places on a single day is as high as you can go, if you’re on foot like me. Taking the whole weekend to delve in this adventure, though, is a great idea if you can go for it! Given that I’m passionate about history, art and culture, having free access to it, right here in Porto, was perfect.

I’ll leave with a photo-log of my adventure. Even with all the stress, it was a fantastic opportunity. I’ll be there again next year!

São Bento Metro Station

The soul of Porto

Palácio do Bolhão (or Palace of the Big Bubble 😉 )

Câmara Municipal do Porto (or just plain City Hall)


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing Porto up close! I think this shows a bit of the historical essence, so riddled with Portuguese culture, that Porto’s aura glows with.

Stay awesome,



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