What to wear this Summer?

Hey guys, today I’m bringing you some tips and outfit inspiration for the Summer months. A lot of people think – and I partially agree – that styling outfits during the Summer is a lot harder and more limited than, let’s say, Spring or Fall, because it’s hot out and you’ve got to put on less clothes, so therefore less options. But it doesn’t have to be boring, you can actually take the opportunity to play around with your wardrobe a bit during Summer break, especially if you have no school or work or major obligations going on. Anyways here are some ideas, I hope they help!


– Trends to look out for this season:

  • Off-the-shoulder tops, blouses, dresses (anything pretty much!)
  • Flared/90s jeans
  • Bomber jacket (for night time or if it gets chillier during the day)
  • Neck accessories like scarves, necklaces etc



Easy/comfy pieces to throw on:

  • Loose spaghetti-strap dresses
  • Rompers or dungarees
  • Slide-on sandals (Rihanna just partnered with Puma and apparently they really are a thing)
  • Outfit idea – if you want something super simple but still put-together: pinstripe blouse/shirt, half tucked into some jeans/shorts, and sneakers. Roll up the sleeves, add sunglasses and there you go! [see 3rd pic]



Key-items to have in your wardrobe:

  • A simple white t-shirt. I recommend finding one that fits you right and is comfy and you’ll have a great basic that won’t do you wrong! You can pair it with denim, patterned shorts, a nice jacket or blazer, tucked into a skirt… Infinite options!
  • Little accessories that you can add, especially when you feel like your outfit is too boring. I prefer smaller/daintier ones because they’re more comfortable to wear than bigger pieces and also allow you to mix and match. And once again, silk neck scarves!
  • And finally a good pair of sunglasses, of course.




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