Open House Porto 2016

Hello, painters! Last week, there was an event here in Porto that’s called Open House. The concept is simple, but wonderful: about 50 spaces around the city were open for free visits during the weekend. There were three types of visits: free, accompanied (with the volunteer staff) and commented (accompanied by an invited specialist on that space, often architects). Another important detail: this is a worldwide initiative, … Continue reading Open House Porto 2016

Reflections: Having a great relationship with yourself

This is a very difficult topic, probably for all of us. We are constantly taught to love others, take care of others, look out for others, praise others… But don’t do it for yourself, otherwise you’ll be selfish and arrogant. This creates a paradox: we can’t love ourselves “too much”, so we starve our inner needs. And then we do end up being selfish, envious, … Continue reading Reflections: Having a great relationship with yourself

Nail Care

Hey guys! I thought we could zoom in on our nails today, considering how mine have been a total wreck! I honestly don’t understand what has left my nails in such a bad state: I barely do housework (oops!), I don’t paint them that often, I haven’t done any gel or anything like that… Maybe I used a really terrible nail polish or maybe I’m just … Continue reading Nail Care

Rimmel London Mascara Review

Hello painters! Given that my Maybelline mascara has seen better days, I’ve recently bought a Rimmel London mascara called Wonder’full. It’s supposed to give you a clump-free, super defined eyelash look, featuring an “ultra-flex brush”. It’s also made with argan oil, so that it conditions your lashes instead of making them weaker. I have to say it was a bit pricey, although I think I bought … Continue reading Rimmel London Mascara Review