Open House Porto 2016

Hello, painters! Last week, there was an event here in Porto that’s called Open House. The concept is simple, but wonderful: about 50 spaces around the city were open for free visits during the weekend. There were three types of visits: free, accompanied (with the volunteer staff) and commented (accompanied by an invited specialist on that space, often architects). Another important detail: this is a worldwide initiative, … Continue reading Open House Porto 2016

10 dream places to visit in the Summer

Hello! So I love travelling. I don’t do much of it myself, unfortunately, however it’s definitely a topic I’m very interested on and love to talk about. Our planet is so incredibly gorgeous and diverse as it is and there’s so much to see and do. So whatever you’re doing right now: pause it for a few moments, go grab your virtual sunscreen, bathing suit and … Continue reading 10 dream places to visit in the Summer

Travel- 4 Not-So-Famous-Places to Visit

What’s up painters, welcome back to yet another post! Today I would like to talk about 4 places that me, you, our moms and that dude behind you should visit. These are not my I WANNA GO THERE SO MUCH BEFORE I DIE places but instead they are exotic places that I would never remember of traveling to. Botswana: Yep that’s right, this list begins … Continue reading Travel- 4 Not-So-Famous-Places to Visit

Travel Log: São João d’Arga

Hello, painters! Today, we are going deep into the Portuguese country and looking at some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you can encounter. They’re in Caminha, one of Portugal’s border cities, in the district of Viana de Castelo. These beautiful lands are mostly in locations called Arga, which include several northern parishes. I specifically went to the Mosteiro (monastery) de São João d’Arga. How did … Continue reading Travel Log: São João d’Arga

Travel Log: Guimarães

Painters, hello and welcome to the lovely month of November! The temperatures are dropping, your sweaters are slowly leaving your drawers and that Christmas scent is filling the air. What better time for us to take another trip around Portugal, to the birth place of our nation? Guimarães is our next stop! Guimarães has an enormous history, it was actually settled in the IX century! … Continue reading Travel Log: Guimarães

Travel Log: Santiago de Compostela

Hello, painters, and welcome to our regular voyages! We are now leaving Portugal (home to most of my travel logs) and going north to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, Spain. It is also a main pilgrimage destination in Europe and its route is called the Way of St. James, with the Scallop Shell being its emblem. The final destination of the pilgrims is the … Continue reading Travel Log: Santiago de Compostela

Summing Up – Another travel log! Portimão

Hello everyone and welcome back to another SU! Today I bring you a travel log of my last vacation for this Summer. This time we went to Portimão, also a city in south of Portugal (quite close to Vilamoura honestly) but very different from each other. Portimão is more of a family friendly city; they hold a lot of events that tourists rarely have any … Continue reading Summing Up – Another travel log! Portimão