Valentine’s day gifts

Hello, it’s me! (No, not Adele, Luísa.) It’s February: the month of love. Also the month of Carnival, but mainly the month where we celebrate love and spend all the money we have buying presents for our beloved boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s day. Personally, I both love and hate this day – I love it when I have a boyfriend, I hate … Continue reading Valentine’s day gifts

The next season colour – Yellow

Hey, painters! How are you doing? Yellow! Today is all about yellow! As you know stores all over the world are a bit confuse. On the one hand, there are amazing sales and clothes from the fall/winter 2015 season are now with great prizes. On the other hand, the brand new season is arriving – spring/summer 2016 collection. We are already feeling the new season. … Continue reading The next season colour – Yellow

What to wear on New Year’s Eve

Hello, painters! How are you doing? Got a full festive calendar this month? Yes, we have! And everything comes down to the most glamorous night of the year: New Year’s eve. We have a full party calendar, but this night is special, even if you spend it at home. With that in mind, we made a survival guide in order to answer that horrible, frightening … Continue reading What to wear on New Year’s Eve