How to make an Inspiration Board

Hey guys! Inspiration board, mood board, vision board… whatever you want to call them, I think they’re just wonderful! Not only very aesthetically pleasing and lovely as decor, but also a great way to get creative and turn your vision/thoughts/dreams/goals into something visual and real – that you can look at, appreciate and change at any time. If you don’t have one already, you should consider creating it! Maybe … Continue reading How to make an Inspiration Board

Musicians that you should know about

Hi guys, Luís here and I’m sorry for not posting for quite some time but life has been rough…I’m here now though! And to celebrate my return I’ll give you a list of some good musicians that I would recommend you to listen to. Hania Lee is an amazing singer with an angel’s voice. She has deep and thoughtfull lyrics and some collabs with other … Continue reading Musicians that you should know about

Must watch movies in 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to share with you my ever growing list of movies that I MUST WATCH in 2016! Let’s start: Suicide squad: A movie featuring The Joker, Harley Quinn and other baddies from Batman? I think this is a movie that everyone should watch. Deadpool: The immortal ”hero” that also happens to be a funny scumbag, this movie … Continue reading Must watch movies in 2016

Series Worth Watching During 2016

What’s up painters, Luís here again! Today I would like to give you my personal opinion about which series are worth to continue watching during 2016. Some of these are older series that are coming back with new seasons and others are completely new. Let’s jump right into it!  Game of Thrones The cliche series that everyone talks about in these kind of posts but … Continue reading Series Worth Watching During 2016

Christmas Classics: Films

Dear painters, it’s nearly Christmas. Do you feel the holiday cheer fill you yet? If you don’t, I know just the way to help you feel it… Turn on your Christmas tree lights, get some eggnog and a blanket, and snuggle up with these movies. They’re in chronological order, because I’m such a diverse person, I decided to bring you the best of the last … Continue reading Christmas Classics: Films

Book-ish Medley #2 -Future reads

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a great Sunday. I apologize for not posting on Friday but Luís couldn’t post on the other day and asked me to post; it was overall a huge mess of drafts and shedules but it’s all cleared out now and today I’ll post twice! Yup, twice the fun 😉 For now, it’s all about the books, specifically the … Continue reading Book-ish Medley #2 -Future reads

Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #1

Hey, painters! How are you doing? Today we are going to premiere another special series that will come out regularly. On the last saturday of every month, we will post a critical review. Everything and anything could be under our judgemental eye. We will criticize everything, comment on everything, evaluate everything, judge everything and spy it all. Nothing and no one is safe. Nothing and … Continue reading Paulo criticizing and Luísa judging – review #1

Summing Up – Halloween Movies to scare your friends

Hey Painters, what’s up? Welcome back to another SU and UISHFIUAFGIUFGHADIFGFH. Scared? No? Well, I’m bad at this then, thankfully I get scared easily, really easily and with this I will leave you with a list of some movies that made me shit myself (not the best expression on Earth but that’s what we have right now!). The grudge (and sequels);  the first horror movie … Continue reading Summing Up – Halloween Movies to scare your friends