Bourjois Lipstick Review

Hello, painters!

So my lips are finally back to normal and I decided to take a swing at wearing my new Bourjois lipstick. I got it with 80% discount sale in a chain store here, so it was incredibly cheap. That was really amazing, since this was such a good formula.

Despite having my lips still a bit sensitive, this formula – coupled with a Neutrogena chap stick – is very hydrating, while being very powerful. Even when it started wearing off, my lips were still strongly stained with this shade. Not to mention how beautiful and rich this color is, it absolutely drew plenty of attention to my face and made my lips very striking. I also love how the shade works with my eyes, hair and skin tone. The brownish bourdeaux really does wonders.

I definitely recommend investing in a great formula like this one, it feels light, hydrating, but it’s still lasting and powerful as a color. I’m so glad I bought it and am beginning to feel more confident wearing bold colors. What do you guys think of this color?

Stay awesome,



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