Valentine’s day gifts

Hello, it’s me! (No, not Adele, Luísa.) It’s February: the month of love. Also the month of Carnival, but mainly the month where we celebrate love and spend all the money we have buying presents for our beloved boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s day. Personally, I both love and hate this day – I love it when I have a boyfriend, I hate … Continue reading Valentine’s day gifts

Surprise! 2016 Free Printable Calendar

Oh my, hello again, dear painters! Why am I back today? Well, we have a surprise post for you: a free printable calendar for 2016! It doesn’t include January because, unfortunately, you wouldn’t have gotten that much use out of that one, so it starts with February. Each month features a different color scheme, so I hope you’ll enjoy brightening up your office or room with … Continue reading Surprise! 2016 Free Printable Calendar

A day with Luís – DIY friendly coupons

What’s up painters? Welcome back to another “ADL” (yes I like to think of abbreviations, sorry not sorry). This week I’ll continue with the theme of crafting easy things that you can gift to (almost) anyone! Today, I bring you my attempt at making coupons but not just any coupons either: friendly(ish?) coupons! To start off, you will need a rubber, a ruler, a pen, a … Continue reading A day with Luís – DIY friendly coupons

The utopia of a neat desk: tips, tricks and DIYs

Hello, painters! To start off October, we are staying within the organization theme and bringing it straight to your desk. I know how unorganized it gets, but since I do it too, no judgement from me! Instead, here are a few tips and tricks on how to conquer the mess, the desk edition. I think I’ve told you in another post I got a new desk. It’s … Continue reading The utopia of a neat desk: tips, tricks and DIYs

DIY – A Cardboard Frame

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? 😉 Today I decided to continue my wall art adventure and to share with you how to make a cardboard frame. It’s really simple and it looks very cute and welcoming – it’s a small detail that will create a cozier enviromnent. Shall we start? I found this simple and elegant painting on a flea market – it … Continue reading DIY – A Cardboard Frame

Wall Art for your Bedroom

Hello,painters! As you guys know, I’m currently changing my house, buying loads of furniture and painting wall! Since we were changing so many rooms,  I made some changes on my bedroom (always looking for a chance!). On those changes, I decided it was time to create my own wall art, with pics and drawings that mean something to me – the first picture to appear … Continue reading Wall Art for your Bedroom