Blog Updates – Some changes going on

Hey there Painters! I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t motivated enough. To top with that I wasn’t in my best mood to post and to actually care about anything. Do you know those days where even if you wanted to care about your responsabilities, well, you just can’t? I felt too many days like those. … Continue reading Blog Updates – Some changes going on

Psst… We have an Instagram accounnt!

That’s right, everyone! Paint Me Yellow is finally on Instagram – we decided that it was time to create content outside of the blogsphere and Instagram was the social media we picked up.We want to be closer to you and to bring more information, in order to increase our Painters Community! Our account is @pmymagazine and we will be posting content regarding our posts but … Continue reading Psst… We have an Instagram accounnt!

SU’s latest changes and why it is happening

Hello painters, Luís coming right back at ya and today I have REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS about SU (and yes, the banner image was done by me using Microsoft Paint). As some of the older readers may know, SU was born from the tag-team between me and Ângela where we would talk about our opinions about very different subjects; these posts always had a lot of … Continue reading SU’s latest changes and why it is happening

Unexpected wednesdays

Hey hey, dear painters! This is Paulo and Luísa and by now you’re thinking: “WTF?!? It’s wednesday, so why are those two posting today? They are crazy!”. Yes, we are but, this time, we’re not that crazy because, as Ângela told you some posts ago, we’re going to be posting twice a week. We’ll keep the saturday posts but we’re also taking over your wednesdays! … Continue reading Unexpected wednesdays

Some Changes on PMY…

Hello Painters! I thought it would be nice to bring you guys an update regarding our authors. This is really small post but it’s quite important – as you might have noticed, Magda stopped posting and she won’t post anymore. Unfortunately, it was her time to leave the team! We are very thankful for her help on Paint Me Yellow and for bringing interesting and … Continue reading Some Changes on PMY…