5 Quick Recipes to try this Summer

Hey’all! Today I thought I would bring you some recipes I want to try during this Summer holidays. Even though I enjoy trying new recipes, during classes can be quite stressful – I mean, it’s not just about cooking but also about shopping the ingredients and cleaning the kitchen afterwards! (especially cleaning the kitchen ugh). But now that I have some time for my own, … Continue reading 5 Quick Recipes to try this Summer

The Playlist -Summer Festivals [June 2016]

Painters, ready for Summer festivals? We decided to pick some of our favourite songs from the artists that are coming to our parties. Yup, all these musics are going to be played in Portugal and we think that it’s a funny way to show you our faves! Let’s just jump right into it. I hope you guys enjoy these songs and I’ll see you soon … Continue reading The Playlist -Summer Festivals [June 2016]

The Playlist – May 2016 – Summer is Coming!

Hey’all! How are you all doing? I hope everyone’s great because here we’re having a few changes. As you might have noticed, Luís didn’t publish last Thursday and unfortunately he left our Team Yellow. We need to thank him for all the work he has done and all the quality posts on Paint Me Yellow. With that being said, today we brought you our May … Continue reading The Playlist – May 2016 – Summer is Coming!

The Playlist – April 2016

Hey Painters! Today it’s TP day and we decided to bring some of our currently non-stop listening musics. Next TP will be different, just like The Bookclub – we are going to start making some music sellections of  a certain type of music or an issue that connects all the songs we sellect. We think it is a more interesting and organized way to bring … Continue reading The Playlist – April 2016