Makeup favorites of the moment

Hey! Today I’m back with another favorites post since I haven’t done one in a while. This time it’s dedicated to 3 makeup products that I purchased/been using lately and that I’m enjoying quite a lot.

#1 – KIKO Skin Evolution Foundation (in natural rose). Starting with this one, what can I say guys, it’s my favorite foundation! I actually got it a long time ago and I’m not sure about how much this type of products are supposed to last before they go bad, but honestly I really don’t feel like throwing it away anytime soon since it works so nicely. I think I mentioned it before here on PMY, but it’s been especially useful to me lately as my skin’s been acting up. It has some SPF, it’s liquid-y and provides a good (medium?) coverage.

#2 – Primark PS…Concealer (in honey beige). Another skin product – this one I bought a few days ago. I almost never buy new makeup but I had been looking for a concealer for my eye area for a while and this one stood out to me as it was only I believe 1.50€. Also, it’s in a stick form which I’d never tried before. I thought it would make it easier to apply on the skin but I’m still figuring out if it’s true. Either way, I don’t have much experience with it yet but it seems nice so far and worth a mention!

#3 – LR Deluxe Perfect Browstyler. I got this one a few months ago and ever since it’s been an absolute must-have in my daily collection. I think eyebrow products that come in a stick/pencil are probably easier to apply, but the good thing about this being a gel/liquid is that it not only gives color to fill out the brow but also makes the hair stay in its place (like a 2-in-1). As you can see it comes with a mascara-like wand (which sometimes I feel it’s too big for my brows, but all you needs is some patience) and I got it in the darkest brown available.


That’s all for today, let us know in the comments what makeup products you’re loving at the moment. Have a good weekend and take care! x



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