Makeup favorites of the moment

Hey! Today I’m back with another favorites post since I haven’t done one in a while. This time it’s dedicated to 3 makeup products that I purchased/been using lately and that I’m enjoying quite a lot. #1 – KIKO Skin Evolution Foundation (in natural rose). Starting with this one, what can I say guys, it’s my favorite foundation! I actually got it a long time ago … Continue reading Makeup favorites of the moment

Nail Care

Hey guys! I thought we could zoom in on our nails today, considering how mine have been a total wreck! I honestly don’t understand what has left my nails in such a bad state: I barely do housework (oops!), I don’t paint them that often, I haven’t done any gel or anything like that… Maybe I used a really terrible nail polish or maybe I’m just … Continue reading Nail Care

Makeup bits to lust over

Let’s talk makeup! Here’s what I’m loving right now: ◎ Pigments, highlighters and bronzers – basically anything shimmery, golden and dewy-looking, for the eyes and the face. I don’t necessarily love it on me but just looking at those things… *heart eyes emoji* ◎ Rosy cheeks – I love the natural, flushed cheek look ◎ Same with lips – I’m all about the soft pinks … Continue reading Makeup bits to lust over

Rimmel London Mascara Review

Hello painters! Given that my Maybelline mascara has seen better days, I’ve recently bought a Rimmel London mascara called Wonder’full. It’s supposed to give you a clump-free, super defined eyelash look, featuring an “ultra-flex brush”. It’s also made with argan oil, so that it conditions your lashes instead of making them weaker. I have to say it was a bit pricey, although I think I bought … Continue reading Rimmel London Mascara Review

Reviewing six nail polishes

Hello painters! I hope your April is staying up to standards. Around here, there’s been a little less sunshine than what I’d want, so I try to brighten my days by having some great looking nails! But I’ve been facing a problem: they have been really weak and constantly breaking. To solve that problem, I bought KIKO’s fortifying 3 in 1 shine nail polish. It’s … Continue reading Reviewing six nail polishes

Make Up Review: Sephora’s Galaxy Girl Eyeliner

Hello painters! I decided to go for a quick post this week and talk about this Sephora eyeliner I recently bought, Galaxy Girl. I already have a liquid liner from KIKO, but that’s harder to apply because it’s not very forgiving, so it’s not a good choice for school mornings when I’m constantly running late. I wanted something softer and easier to apply, that still … Continue reading Make Up Review: Sephora’s Galaxy Girl Eyeliner