Notes of the Week #6

Classes are starting anytime soon- we better start sleeping at our usual time; no more movie marathons untill 4 AM! Changing my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn was more fun that I wanted to admit. Although I enjoyed the beach and my tanned skin, I’m ready to start using boots and long sleeve shirts. Starting to understand your skin and its needs might be one … Continue reading Notes of the Week #6

Notes of the Week #5 – Dear Diary

Hey there Painters and happy Sunday! Today is very warm, the sun is shining and it makes me want to go outside. Lately I’ve been wanting to be outside everyday and posting hasn’t been on my top priorities – not that I’ve stopped loving you all or the blog! We all have some writing phases and right now I prefer staying outside, resting and reading. … Continue reading Notes of the Week #5 – Dear Diary

Notes of the Week #4

i) Changes in Paint Me Yellow are officially over! We now have this great theme that gives us everything we wanted, all the pages are clear.. it’s such a huge difference for us. There’s only a page missing, the About one, in which we are working! ii) Cleaning your pc is as important as cleaning your desk. Nowadays we do pretty much everything there and … Continue reading Notes of the Week #4

Notes of the Week #3 – A new PMY!

Hello painters and I hope you guys enjoy this Sunday! As you’ve noticed, The Summing Up Team didn’t post anything on Thursday – that’s due to our recent theme! We’ve been working to make it more professional and good looking for ya. As you can see, we now have a bar to do some searches, the categories are also visible… And you can now pick … Continue reading Notes of the Week #3 – A new PMY!

Notes of the Week #1

Hello painters! I’ve decided to create a new category here on PMY where I could share some notes during the week of things I’ve read, seen or made – it’s like an update but an interesting and interactive one. i) The Great Gatsby is being such a great book, I wasn’t expecting this; ii) My album in Pinterest about food just keeps getting bigger and … Continue reading Notes of the Week #1