The Bookclub – March

Well hello! Today we have The Bookclub for March which is my favourite category from PMY (there, I’ve said it). I just love books so much that I get super excited with this sort of bookclub. Let’s see what the others have been reading buuuut we’ll start by me. Today I brought you guys my reading diary, with my book updates. Since 2015 has started,I’ve … Continue reading The Bookclub – March

The Bookclub – February

Hello everyone! Guess who is back đŸ˜‰ Kind of excited about this month, although I’ll be only sharing links of posts with you, my reading routine has finally started again and that inclues reading magazines. Feeling so happy about reading and being a bookworm! I might make a few posts about books, who knows? Either way, here are the links to some really awesome posts … Continue reading The Bookclub – February

The Bookclub – January

So yes, it’s The Bookclub again! I have to confess I wasn’t that anxious to write about books… I own another blog in portuguese only about books and I’m currently having a sort of metamorphosis there – new  categories, a diferent way to post.. I’ve been really trying to run away from books itself since I want to re-start. So I’m just going to recommend … Continue reading The Bookclub – January