Make Up À La Carte – Reviews

Hey’all! How are you? 😉 Today is make up day, more known as my favourite days. Make up is something that I’ve been enjoying more and more and somehow I’m starting to understand better my face (this seems awkward ups) and what suits me better. Somehow eyeshadows are sexier than eyeliner on me? Little miracles that my face can do. Either way, let’s skip this … Continue reading Make Up À La Carte – Reviews

Beauty tips for the lazy!

Hello! Today’s Monday which means we’re starting a fresh week, so it’s time to focus and be productive. In my case, my classes start this week so I’m trying to have my shit together and get ready for another semester of college. Yet, as much as Mondays call for productiveness, today’s post is all about laziness (because that’s part of life too, right?). So here go a few beauty tips that … Continue reading Beauty tips for the lazy!

(Really) Easy Valentine’s Day Manicure

Hey there my sweetheart, how are you all doing? First of all, I want to apologize for my photoraphs – the quality sucks. I don’t know if it’s the luminosity but I wasn’t able to take a good pic at all! You’ll have to bear with it, sorry! Either way, I’ll explain this manicure step by step so you guys can follow it properly. If … Continue reading (Really) Easy Valentine’s Day Manicure

Currently Face Routine Products

Hello all, how are you doing? Finally Sunday and I’m here to give a quick update of some of my current face routine. It’s a rather funny one because I probably won’t buy any of this products again! Still, I decided to show to you. Shall we start? Diadermine – Facial Toner – all skin types This is the toner that I’m currently using. This … Continue reading Currently Face Routine Products

A different type of french manicure

TGIF guys! Even at home studying for college exams (pray for me, will you?), there’s something so refreshing about Friday. Today I decided to bring something super easy to make because if you’re lazy like me when it comes to nails, you’ll want quick stuff. 😉 The idea is to make a typical french manicure but instead of painting a stripe, you’ll create small dots … Continue reading A different type of french manicure