The Summer shopping list

Good evening people! How are you all doing? So I just finished my semester and all of a sudden I’m a lot more excited about summer clothing and putting together different outfits for the current weather. I decided to browse through a few of my favorite high street stores (Zara, ASOS and H&M) to pick out some pieces as a potential Summer shopping list. What do you think?

Fresh colors » I love this super vibrant romper (that could actually pass as a dress) and when it comes to loose comfy trousers: I’m all about that, I swear.

Black & white » Keeping it quite stylish with a timeless item, the faux leather skirt, and stripped crop top.

Back to basics » I love me some basic summer pieces that I can easily wear a lot and style it quickly when it’s too hot to even think about stuff. White wrap-around top and off-the-shoulders shirt.

Fun jackets » To add a little extra something to an outfit – oversized denim jacket and black bomber jacket (this whatever one is from Zara and it’s pretty rad).

Shoe time » I like the idea of wearing closed-toe shoes in the summer, like those two at the top. For an open-toe option we’ve got those flatforms. As for sneakers, I love those rainbow edition Converse so much! You can find them on ASOS btw.

Have a good weekend! xx



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