Getting Ready for Summer II

Hey, y’all!!

The sun is finally shining here in Porto and it’s been a very warm day. I think Summer is coming at last! No need to mention that got me super excited, as I’m throwing this sweet little compilation for you guys.

So today, I brought you a makeup look I wore today, to face the bright sun outside. I went with KIKO’s oil free foundation, which always makes my face feel a bit more matte, and a Maybelline corrector for those annoying pimples and dark circles.

I really only did the eyes, since my lips have been acting up probably due to allergies. Let’s hope that goes away soon, because I’ve been dying to show you a *spoiler alert* Bourjois lipstick I bought with Angie. Look for more on that in the next posts 😉

So, with the eyes, I dabbed a generous amount of white eye shadow in the inner corner – that is the best trick I’ve learned to bright up my dark circles, as well as my whole eye! I then applied my favorite shade, that lovely rich gold, to the entire lid. It also makes the eye brighter by being both a very light shade and catching a whole lot of sun with that glittery sparkle. I added a highly pigmented pink shade from Douglas along the upper water line, on the outer corner. As a smaller detail, I also threw in a dark chocolate-y brown in that same corner, just to add a bit of definition. I topped it off with the gorgeous Rimmel London mascara I showed you.

Incredibly simple, super fast and feels very light on the skin. Wore this look the whole day and felt both comfortable and beautiful. You can have both!

Stay awesome – and don’t forget your sunscreen!



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