How to make an Inspiration Board

Hey guys!

Inspiration board, mood board, vision board… whatever you want to call them, I think they’re just wonderful! Not only very aesthetically pleasing and lovely as decor, but also a great way to get creative and turn your vision/thoughts/dreams/goals into something visual and real – that you can look at, appreciate and change at any time.

If you don’t have one already, you should consider creating it! Maybe as an upcoming Summer diy project?

What to put on it? Whatever your heart (or eyes) desire, really. But here are a few suggestions:

✧ Quotes and song lyrics that really speak to you. Bring on some visual encouragement!

✧ Cut off anything that catches your eye from fashion/decor/nature/architecture/etc magazines, newspapers and catalogs

✧ Photos of trips you’ve been on or of places you’d love to go to. And little souvenirs!

✧ Nice fonts and artwork

✧ Letters and notes! If you have those and don’t mind displaying them, they’re a lovely idea

✧ Pretty fabrics, patterns, color palettes, designs. Adding some texture to break off from the text and photos

✧ Band/ book/ movie posters, tickets and maps can look stunning

✧ Doodles and illustrations

✧ Old photos from childhood and/or anything that brings good memories

Where/how to display it?

✧ Choose a wall: on your desk/work area; on top of your bed; around the door; around a mirror; in a corner; outside/inside your wardobe. OR put it on a cork board or pegboard

✧ Think of how you want to arrange everything (neat and minimalist, with each thing side by side; messy and layered; like a journal; in a certain geometric shape;…)

✧ How much free space do you have? You can cover an entire wall or stick to a tiny space

✧ Hang some lights around it to make it look extra magical

xx Love,



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