Nail Care

Hey guys!

I thought we could zoom in on our nails today, considering how mine have been a total wreck! I honestly don’t understand what has left my nails in such a bad state: I barely do housework (oops!), I don’t paint them that often, I haven’t done any gel or anything like that… Maybe I used a really terrible nail polish or maybe I’m just too stressed (and queue Simple Plan now, ’cause that’s just welcome to my life).

Anyway, I’m trying to make them strong and healthy again, but it’s been a real struggle, they just keep breaking! I’ve been using a corrective nail polish from andreia (3,5€), and it’s helped to prevent further breakage far more than the strengthener nail polish. Right now, they have a lot of striations, which the corrector helps with. The results aren’t exactly wowing right now and I just had more breakage yesterday 😥 But it’s helping and we always have to be patient with these things. I read it takes about 4 months for your nails to be renewed, so it might take that long for my nails to get back to full health.

I also bought a nail oil from the swiss brand DIKLA (5 ml for 6,75€). It has almonds and avocado, with E & F vitamins. Hopefully it will help hydrate them, so they feel stronger and shinier – and hopefully it will work wonders, considering how much it cost! Please pray for my babies, painters! 😛

Stay awesome,



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