5 (yummy & simple) recipes to snack on

Hey everyone! So I gotta say this past week as well as the next few ones are really getting to me – it’s almost the end of the semester and there are so many tests, projects and overall work to get done, which can get (and it does) pretty stressful.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation then this post is just for you: you have to check out these 5 recipes for great snacks. If you’re busy don’t worry since they’re quite simple and don’t take much time. And of course they’re all very yummy, which definitely helps relieve the stress 😉

The energy bites

These are no-bake 5 ingredient peanut butter energy bites. Loaded with good stuff to keep you energized and going. Apparently they’re the “perfect mix between a granola bar and cookie dough”.

“Fancy” yogurt strawberries

I’m calling them that because they do look fancy, and are perfect if you’re craving something nice, fruity and fresh. Although in reality they’re SUPER easy to make and only require 2 ingredients.

Crunchy toast

The classic toast with peanut butter, banana, granola and honey. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and looks so freaking good and satisfying.

The grilled cheese

I have a sweet tooth, but for sure I’ve got a savoury tooth as well (if not even more sometimes). So for when you’re not feeling the sweet, here’s a tomato mozzarella and pesto grilled cheese idea that sounds amazing.

Olive oil and parmesan popcorn

I’m a huge fan of popcorn and it’s true that it makes for a fantastic snack (not just for when you’re watching a movie but also for when you’re working on something). Any type is good for me but this recipe here caught my eye despite being very simple, so I really want to try it out.

Which one is your favorite?


Marta xx


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