Outfit of the day #3 – Spring night

Hey people, today I’m back with an outfit of the day. Well scratch that, it’s actually a night outfit that I wore earlier this week for dinner out. It was definitely a warm Spring night, just how I like it, and since I was wearing a new purchase I got recently (that I totally love) I thought I’d take a few shots to show you. I actually regret not taking them a couple hours earlier when it was brighter but what can you do!


So the new item I was talking about is this motor jacket; it’s faux suede and you probably can’t tell by just looking at it but it’s sooo soooooo soft. Like buttery soft. I like the golden brown color as I didn’t have anything like it and how lightweight it is.


As for the rest of the look, I’m wearing a black cropped tee, low-waisted jeans – which have since then tragically ripped… 😥 – and my old black Converse because I’ll never get enough of them.


In a bit more detail, here’s the top and my chain necklace. And that’s about it, all very comfortable!

What are you guys up to this weekend?

Take care and see you later ❤ xx


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