The Bookclub -May 2016

What’s up everyone welcome back to another TB, this month we only bring you two opinions (although one of them is about a trilogy) but i assure you that these two will be a gateway to action, romance, adventure and mystery! Let’s begin.


The Cuckoo’s Calling

I’ve finally read JK Rowling’s – or Robert Galbraith’s, if you prefer the pseudonym – “The Cuckoo’s Calling”. I just finished it last night, being pulled into one of those late night reading sessions: I didn’t put the book down until I finished. What I can tell you is this book is worth the fuss. It’s probably not the best or most surprising police novel out there, but it will surprise just enough. There’s something very simple and yet very fascinating about the way Rowling writes, concentrating our attention on small details we can’t quite put together until the end of the novel. The characters are fascinating and incredibly diverse, and the main character is just one of those “underdogs” readers tend to love – I suspect, because of their complexity. My advice: get this book. You’ll be addicted from the start.


The Leviathan Trilogy

So this trilogy was written by Scott Westerfield and it is by far one of the most original twists I have ever seen. The books take place during WW1 where we can read about real events and a somewhat loyal description of the past, however, technology is a lot more advanced than what was back then (and even from now!). Britain, Japan and some other countries are ”Darwinists’; they follow the path that Darwin created which is, in the books, crossbreed animals that can talk, fly (Leviathan is the name of a flying whale) and a lot more, while Germany and it’s allies are ”clankers” they have amazing robots and war machines that can destroy everything in their path.

In the middle of this huge war we follow two main protagonists: Deryn from Britain and Alex from the Austro-hungarian empire and their adventures together. I really suggest that you read these books as they are easy to read but fascinating!


This is all we got today, hope you guys enjoyed it and let us know if you have read any of these books!


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