Spring Buys

Hello guys!

A few weeks ago me and my mom spent some time in the mall, and I ended up getting some new items to compose my spring/summer wardrobe. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of constantly buying things (who has the money?!), but it’s hard when your personal style is changing and you don’t feel as good as before wearing what you already own.

That’s what I’m going through right now, and my solution has been to just take the pieces I own that I do like wearing and matching them up with some new items that feel more like my current style. Personally, I have a very girly, cute-sie and classic type of style, but lately I’ve been craving for some more modern, young, laid back and sassy kind of style. So I’m trying to mix it up!

With about 30€ and a trip to Bershka and Pull&Bear, I bought 4 new pieces that I feel have made me feel more comfortable, updated and happy to be expressing what I’m feeling like. What do you think of these?

top salmao

top coffee

flamingo beach sweat

They’re quite basic and comfortable pieces, but that’s exactly why I like them. I feel like I’m too formal sometimes, so it’s nice to be able to kick back with some easy clothes that still make me feel great. And anything about coffee is a yes, so I love that one piece!

Watch out for some new outfits soon 😉

Stay awesome,



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