Sum Up – April 2016

Hey all! I’ll just skip a lame introduction and jump right into what brought us here (well, I’m writing and you’re reading so I guess I can say this) – an April Sum Up. April was such a great month, we finally got on track and I have loads of posts to show you 😉



Make up bits to lust over – Marta

Rimmel London mascara review – Sofia

How to use corrective concealer – Ângela

Reviewing 6 nail polishes – Sofia

So as you can tell, beauty was definitely a hit category during this month. We created 4 posts full of content to enjoy, to inspire and to give you our honest opinions. I can’t hide how happy I am for this since I’m a beauty lover 😉



April Outfit – Men – Luís

Saturday Inspo – Marta

Welcoming Spring – Sofia

1 week, 7 outfits – Marta

2 outfits to recreate – Ângela

…and so was fashion! I think it’s safe to say that we’re definitely becoming fashionistas and beauty lovers (I don’t know how Luís survives).



10 things to do on a lazy Sunday – Ângela

My top 6 Instagram accounts – Marta

Some life hacks – Luís

Reflection time – making the hard decisions – Sofia

& Some Extras


Travel List – Montenegro – Luís

The Bookclub – April 2016

The Playlist – April 2016

Musicians that you should know about – Luís

That is all for today Painters! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. Have a great week and comment down below if there’s any type of posts you would like us to develop more!

xx angie

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