Rimmel London Mascara Review

Hello painters!

Given that my Maybelline mascara has seen better days, I’ve recently bought a Rimmel London mascara called Wonder’full. It’s supposed to give you a clump-free, super defined eyelash look, featuring an “ultra-flex brush”. It’s also made with argan oil, so that it conditions your lashes instead of making them weaker.

I have to say it was a bit pricey, although I think I bought it on discount, somewhere around 11€. But the argan oil treat was definitely a luxury I couldn’t pass on. It’s nice to think that putting on makeup is a way of taking care of your body, unlike what some people like us to think. The packaging is also beautiful, having this golden-coppery look and a crown stamp mark on the top of the wand handle.

DSCN1850 - Cópia (2)

And I can say the mascara does live up to it’s promises: it feels very light once you put it on and there have been no clumps to be found thus far. The brush really helps define the lashes and keep those clumps at bay. All in all, I think this item is worth your money – it’s also a great treat to get for someone else. Or just yourself! Go get that argan oil, guys!

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