Travel list- Montenegro

Hello everyone and welcome to another post, this time I would like to talk about Montenegro and why I think that this country is worth it as a vacation destiny.

I first got my interest in Montenegro last year (I think) when I was watching Eurovision and I enjoyed the perfomance and passion of the candidates so much that it got burned in my memory. Now that Summer approaches I decided to learn more about this wonderful country and show you guys my research results.


Montenegro is a small country but packed with A LOT of activities and places to go, it’s weather is quite warm so you can go in off season months like September! Once there you will find a high variety of activities to do like

  • Tara rafting: Tara is a river that can offer you an extreme experience and it’s the most famous tour in Montenegro
  • Canyoning: Canyon Nevidio is the last canyon to be discovered in Europe and it is AMAZING. Nevidio Canyon is about 3 km long, with steep edges, numerous waterfalls, whirlpools and passages made by the water. In some places the cliffs of its narrower and up to two feet, and their height reaching almost 400 m. Beware that you must be healthy to do this activity
  • Hiking and biking tours are also very popular, Durmitor Ring Tour is the best known, you can discover new beautiful wild places that only Nature can create


If you are more of a conservative tourist that enjoys visiting cities and the such than fear not, Montenegro is one of the oldest countries in Europe and therefore it has some amazing places full of different architectures! Not only that but it is so diverse in terms of terrain that it is normal to separate the country in 3 parts: coastal, central and northern, each of these parts have their fair share of oddities although both central and north are mostly national parks (yes all you can see in these two regions are national parks).

The coastal region is where most people may end up on as it is more ”traditional” when it comes to vacations. You can see quite a lot of different places in it like for example:

  • Herceg Novi, the city of Sun. Ok so first of all, this city’s name is AWESOME. Secondly it is appropriate to be called like that because it’s almost always sunny and warm in it! The city in itself is very relaxing, happy and colorfull with a huge variety of flowers blooming left and right
  • Kotor. This city is home to traders and sailors from all over the world, like a city where pirate stories would begin in. It is packed with monuments to visit that date back from the romans!
  • Budva. This is the tipical beach city, with warm sand, peacefull sea and monuments all over the city too!

These are only some of them! There is still more to see but you get the point.


Hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time!



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