Welcoming Spring

You painters probably know that it’s already Spring!

Well, it hasn’t been super spring-y around here, in Portugal. It’s been mostly rainy and cold, but I do believe sunnier days will come soon! Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you guys some of my Spring go-to pieces (or current weather go-to pieces) and a very recent purchase I made.

Since it’s been so rainy, I’ve really been betting on my black Oxford ankle boots. They’re very simple and elegant, and given they have a bit of a high sole, I feel like they lengthen my legs. Also wonderful with all this rain!

I also have on my beige jacket, just warm enough for this kind of weather, and super elegant and chic. It’s also very comfy because it’s so soft! I paired this outfit with two gifts from last September, both very floral, so super appropriate for Spring: a small blue bag and a light pink scarf from Parfois. They had a more feminine touch to such a structured jacket.

I also bought a sweatshirt from Pull&Bear that has a cute flamingo stamped on it! It says “Girls just wanna have sun”, so you have to admit it’s very sassy (and true) 😉 I loved this one because it’s black and white, so it feels very minimalist. I also love that it’s cropped and I think it works wonderfully with my body shape!

To finish off, I threw on my beloved sunglasses from chillibeans. They’re violet and a round cat-eye, so I think they really suit my face and my personal taste. They’re definitely a go-to piece for these sunnier days. And I have to admit they’re a match made in heaven with my bangs!

What do you guys think about these items? This was a laid back Sunday outfit, so hopefully it meets your standards 😛

Stay awesome,


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