How to use corrective concealer

Hey Painters 😉 I’m sorry for my delay, this post should have been published on Sunday but life is always in a rush, specially when I’m finishing my degree in a few weeks (how odd, geez!). Either way, my skin has also suffered from this stress and it has had better days. To help me get through this phase I’ve been using a lot of concealer and I’ve sort of mastered all the colours that I need to use to hide my ‘why am I awake’ face. I thought it would be interesting for you all to make a post like this one because concealer is actually more useful than foundation yet most of the people that I know don’t use as often as a foundation. While foundation will even your skintone and hide some imperfections, concealer is the bomb when it comes to hiding and it’s so easy to aply and carry!

Green cancels out redness, think pimples rosacea, and broken blood vessels. I use green on top of pink or I would look like a red panda!

Pink evens out a ruddy complexion. It will also cancel out the purple under eye circles and dark patches (again, on fair skin).

Yellow is for olive or tan skin and cancels out purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches. Not a typical colour for sure and I still haven’t found a yellow concealer that would work for me.

Purple concealers are great for eliminating unwanted yellow undertones. Again, not a common tone and I have no idea if it works? I really had to search some information about this one!

Orange Disguises age spots, freckles, and under eye circles. Orange is a good option for you if you have an olive or medium-dark skin tone. For orange you can also go with a brown tone but slightly lighter.

Neutral concealer is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of problem areas to hide. Use it for the occasional pimple or even as a lipstick primer. If you have different shades of neutral concealer you can also use it as a highlighter – I usually use a lighter shade of concealer on top of my lips and on the top of my cheeks and it works just fine 😉

I hope this post helps you in this concealer world that is far more complex than it seems! Even though we use foundation to hide all of this, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin when adding some concealer 😉 I hope you guys liked it and I’ll see you soon!





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