My TOP 6 Instagram accounts

Hello! As I’m sure a lot of you can relate, Instagram is one of my most used apps. I love how it’s such a quick and efficient way to get some visual inspiration on the go.

So today I’m sharing some of my favorite IG accounts of the moment; I really enjoy scrolling through them so definitely click the links and check them out if you’d like!


She’s a danish girl and posts the most gorgeous photos (ever), featuring great outfits, details, yummy drinks, scenery etc, all beautifully done and edited.


Do you like pictures of floors? No? Well, I thought I didn’t either. But seriously, everything will change when you check out this page.


Natalie posts photos of her clothes, travelling, food and daily details, all with a very minimalist (but still somehow intimate?) aesthetic, that I totally love.


This one I know won’t be everyone’s cup of tea! But I like following it because it shows very interesting/unique/sometimes odd content, so it’s quite different from all the other pages I follow.


I’ve been watching Kailee’s youtube videos for ages and I really like to see how she has changed through the years. Last year she moved to NY for college so her IG is full of photos of buildings, her irreverent style and other fun city stuff.


Again, I’ve been following Rookie for ages and their instagram is just as cool as the blog, with the most lovely illustrations, photography and quotes. Their articles and stories from real girls are very much worth checking out too.

What are your favorite ones? Which ones do you recommend?

Marta xx | Our instagram: pmymagazine

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