Reviewing six nail polishes

Hello painters!

I hope your April is staying up to standards. Around here, there’s been a little less sunshine than what I’d want, so I try to brighten my days by having some great looking nails! But I’ve been facing a problem: they have been really weak and constantly breaking.


To solve that problem, I bought KIKO’s fortifying 3 in 1 shine nail polish. It’s very light on the nail and does help keep them strong and protected. There’s also lots of shine! It feels very organic, so I do recommend buying it, although my nails are still not as strong and beautiful as they once were 😥

I’ve also had a love affair with a 4 color pack from h&m. The colors remind me of Old Hollywood aesthetic, with just a tad of a mermaid’s tail! It’s very glamorous. But they’re not so pigmented: the dark red takes at least two coats, as well as the green/blue one, which was a bit disappointing, since it looked more like dark green than blue. The gold one is perfect and very subtle, I loved that one! The blush beige is basic and very sheer, so it takes at least two coats as well. They have a nice texture, but I would like to see the color spreading out more evenly. All in all, each bottle was less than 2€ and I do love the colors and think they look precious put together – so I’d buy it again!


Last, but not least, I bought a top coat nail polish from andreia (what I believe to be a portuguese brand) and have gotten my money’s worth! It states it’ll keep your nail polish on extra long, and I can say it really does stretch it out a few days. So as far as top coats go, it’s the best I’ve ever owned.

With all that in mind, my nail routine has kept in this order: the fortifier first, then the color, then the top coat.  It’s more work than what I’m used to, but it seems to pay off!


What do you think of my nail set up? Liking the colors?

Keep your nails awesome,



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