1 week, 7 outfits ✔

Hi lovelies!

So what type of outfit planner are you? Do you plan what you’re wearing ahead of time or do you prefer to just go with the flow? I’m more of the second option. I rather choose what I’m wearing every morning depending on my mood and what kind of style I’m feeling for the day. Also, I guess I’m a bit too lazy to pre-plan. 😛

Either way, I’ve layed out a week’s worth of outfits to get some ideas from. Which day/outfit is your favorite?


Monday | This outfit is fresh and elegant but still comfortable. It’s always a safe choice to go with a sweater, black jeans and a pair of flats (and a few little rings for some fun). For me, it looks like the perfect combo to start off the week.


Tuesday | The next day is all about soft colors and textures – baby blue as the main color + comfy turtle neck + suede lace-up shoes. (P.S- the flowers are optional but you know, they’re pretty nice).

3 Wednesday

Wednesday | Hump day! So for today I’m back with the monochromatic look, which I completely love, plus a classic (but always cool imo) pairing: striped tee with a nice big cardigan.


Thursday | For thursday I’m going with one of my favorite colors to wear – military green. And of course sneakers (daily essential!). Other than that, the only thing I would add that’s missing in the photo is a bomber jacket to complete it.

5 Friday

Friday | We’ve made it to the best day of the week! And so for this one I’m leaving all those pairs of jeans behind with a nice a-line skirt, paired with a suede jacket, a turtle neck and oversized sunglasses.

6 Saturday

Saturday (night) | Ok so party time! Let’s pretend we’ve got some fancy event to attend (and that’s it’s not cold and raining where I live) and go for a fun two-piece set instead of a dress.

7 Sunday

Sunday | For the last day, here’s my choice outfit to just lounge around: loose shirt, boyfriend jeans and some plain sandals. I mean- my choice outfit other than PJs of course.



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