Musicians that you should know about

Hi guys, Luís here and I’m sorry for not posting for quite some time but life has been rough…I’m here now though! And to celebrate my return I’ll give you a list of some good musicians that I would recommend you to listen to.

Hania Lee is an amazing singer with an angel’s voice. She has deep and thoughtfull lyrics and some collabs with other artists from the internet. Some of the best songs are (for me): “Two’s a party”, “Alice is dead” and “Hear you scream”.

Lindsey Stirling is absolutely A.MA.ZING, she is very different from Hania, for starters she focus a lot more on her good friend, the violin and she doesn’t use her voice (almost) never instead using her amazing choreography to marvel us. Another particular thing that sets her apart from any musician in this post is that she managed to mix the smooth sounds of the violin with the energy of eletronic music, giving her listeners an amazing experience. I would recommend listening to any of her music because she only uses the violin and the ocassional dubstep.

Two steps from Hell this hmmm band…? Makes only one type of music: Epic, determination inducing and imagination awakener music. Whenever you need an epic soundtrack for your long night of writing the essay that you left to the last day to do (oh god help me) or when you are going to start your first day of gym just put on some of the tracks of this guy (guys?) and you WILL.FEEL.READY. Just listen something, can’t really recommend something for this one.

This should be enough to light up the path of your music discovery journey, carry on my brother or sister and find more and more amazing musicians. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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