Sum Up – March

Heya! So March wasn’t the best month here… But the posts that were made still deserve some attention and love,right? I decided to make this post even though some changes were made during that month.


Let’s just say that Sofia rulled March! Even without our posts she just decided to go with it and to give her best. I feel like she was the perfect example of ‘I post for my own happiness and I enjoy it’. We weren’t in the mood for that kind of commitment but she was and we supported her! So during March she posted regarding decoration with Ikea, a make up review of a Sephora Eyeliner, a cheesecake mug cake recipe, a haircut that suits her so well (!!) and lastly a travel log in Porto’s Foz.


Aside from her posts, we did made a Playlist with all of our currently listening songs, a list of 4 things to do during Spring and a post regarding books to look out for during 2016. To finish this post, here’s an interesting one about how to stop procrastinating!

So yeah, this was a really small Sum Up ;-( But it’s fine, I feel like no one of us is feeling bad about ourselves as if we’ve let down. Sometimes we just need to step back from the screen and to think about what’s next, our following steps. April will be an extremely positive month, I can feel it 😉

xx angie

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