Reflection Time: Making the Hard Decisions

We’ve all been there.

Things aren’t going as well as we thought they would. Something we used to love to do isn’t as fulfilling anymore. What used to be just the right thing has turned into something wrong or painful.

It’s tough, it’s hard and it’s unfair. Sadly, dealing with situations like that is part of all of our lives. So step number one is to remember you’re not the only one who’s ever been through this or something similar. Other people have been there and will be there tomorrow. If you need to ask for advice or support, someone out there will definitely understand you and be ready to help in the best way they know how. Choose them wisely.

Another very important thing that I feel is crucial to make a hard decision and be in peace with it is to trust yourself. Try as hard as you can, fight for things the way you believe to be best, don’t give up until you really think there’s no way left you could possibly try it. Make sure you won’t have any regrets or unfinished business – I mean, there will always be a certain sorrow and regret sometimes, but it won’t be because you don’t trust that you made the right decision at the time. Trust the decision you make, make sure that you’ll be able to live with it and move on.

Of course this is way easier said than done. It’s hard and painful and unfair that this is happening. And yet, it is happening. There’s no one who could stop it from happening because, in a way, the world is a very imperfect place. But it’s also filled with beauty, complexity, mystery and new people. You could never be done and no hard decision in the world could steal away from you the privilege of having yet something new and beautiful to discover tomorrow. But you have to be willing to listen.

Love yourself. Believe yourself. Trust yourself.

Know, in your heart, you have done your best. And that sometimes, the best thing is simply to let go and pray for better days.

Hope life isn’t throwing too many hard decisions your way.

Stay awesome,


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