2 Spring Outfits to Recreate

Heya! How are you all doing? đŸ˜‰ I’ve been feeling quite proud of my own sense of fashion, I feel like I’m finally finding clothes that fit me properly and that I enjoy using. Also, I think I’m getting better with that colour/pattern blocking thing! One thing that helped me to get here was to follow fashion bloggers that I admire and to pin their outfits – when I’m feeling ‘I have nothing to wear’ I just head to Pinterest and take a good look through what I’ve picked in the past. So today I decided to bring you guys 2 outfits that I found with some statement pieces that will definitely rock this Spring.

Morning Brunch  – Parisian Mademoiselle

Photo by Vanessa Jackman.



This is classical one, not bringing anything new but sometimes is good to go back, right? For the typical parisian girl you just have to use a scarf tight on your neck as you can adjust it the way you want it to be – I usually just tie a knot. Jeans, not the skinny ones but more on the regular side and also the regular jeans shade! She’s wearing a white shirt (wow so amazing) which gives that casual and ‘I didn’t think that much on my outfit!’ vibe. Lastly, pick up your favourite clutch! I kept the crocodile skin effect but decided to add a twist on it by adding the pink.

Afternoon Meetings – City Warrior

Photo by Vanessa Jackman – the lady is our Kristina Bazan.



So for this look it’s all about confort. I picked a mid dress, it’s has a nice length and it isn’t tight, which helps you to move comfortaby. I also added a long sleeve jacket which has some structure – we don’t want to disappear inside of our clothing! Lastly, some gorgeous brown sandals with no straps. Easy to walk with!

That is all for today my beloved ones! I hope you enjoyed these 2 outfits that I’ll be definitely rocking during March and April. Comment down bellow what do you think about them đŸ˜‰

xx angie


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