Blog Updates – Some changes going on

Hey there Painters! I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t motivated enough. To top with that I wasn’t in my best mood to post and to actually care about anything. Do you know those days where even if you wanted to care about your responsabilities, well, you just can’t? I felt too many days like those. But now it is over!

As you might have noticed, Luísa has stopped posting and we will definitely miss her – it wasn’t the best farewell ever but sometimes we have to abandon some projects if your heart isn’t in it. Luísa wasn’t being able to post content and we all agreed that this was the best solution. Thank you for all you’ve done for Paint Me Yellow! ❤

So now that we are 4 (The Fantastic Four let us say!) our posting schedule is different – I’ll be on Mondays, Sofia’s on Tuesday, Luís’ on Thursday and lastly Marta’s on Saturday. If we need an extra day to post, that will happen on Wednesday! I hope you find this posting schedule easy to follow 😉

We hope April brings joyful moments, we’re definitely looking forward for this month! We also prepared our post carefully so you guys have a huge variety of themes. Love you all and thank you for staying with us even though we have some problems.



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