Decorating your desk with IKEA

Hey everyone!

Here I am again for our Tuesday post, ready to talk about decoration again. I’ve really been into tweaking my personal space and adding a breath of fresh air lately.

This time I decided to take that literally and add plants. I just love the idea of having those tiny living beings there, growing and actually sharing oxygen with me. They are very low maintenance, since they are cacti – so it’s not exactly the commitment of owning a cat. Of course snuggling with these little guys wouldn’t be a great idea – but on the other hand, sometimes snuggling a cat isn’t that much safer 😛

I also took advantage of my trip to IKEA and got myself a huge vanilla candle! It was very cheap and smelled wonderfully those first times, but it has lost most of the scent since. Big down point, IKEA! I also got a small desk lamp, in white, since I love the aesthetics. I clamped it on a shelf on my desk and it has a gorgeous, strong spotlight that truly helps with the whole reading-at-night thing college tends to require. It also adds a very intimate and relaxed environment to my work space, so turning it on at night actually helps me to sleep better 🙂

What do you guys think of these small details? The cacti are called Oscar, Eliza and Amelia. Can’t wait for them to start growing now that it’s spring!

Stay awesome,



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