Make Up Review: Sephora’s Galaxy Girl Eyeliner

Hello painters!

I decided to go for a quick post this week and talk about this Sephora eyeliner I recently bought, Galaxy Girl. I already have a liquid liner from KIKO, but that’s harder to apply because it’s not very forgiving, so it’s not a good choice for school mornings when I’m constantly running late. I wanted something softer and easier to apply, that still wouldn’t smudge.


Then I bought this Sephora treat! It was about 9€, which isn’t terribly expensive, but isn’t so out of budget – specially if you’re like me and barely ever buy makeup. It’s waterproof and promises a 12h wear, which I’m not so sure about since it does smudge a bit. It really is far easier to apply and specially to remove and correct if you do mess up. It has a nice thick black line and some blue and white glitter on it, making it great to wear on a night out!


I haven’t worn it much yet, since I recently bought it and don’t really wear makeup on a regular basis, but I feel like it was a great purchase. I love to wear a small cat-eye line on the outer corner of the eye, I think it’s very classy and works wonders with my new haircut!

What do you guys think? Bought any Sephora products lately? Let us know in the comments!

Stay awesome,



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