4 things to do in the Spring time

Hi people. We’re pretty much in the middle of March now which means – and I gotta say I’m so excited to say this – Spring is right around the corner! So with that in mind here goes a list of things to do that will hopefully help you get your Spring mood on (or at least draw some inspiration).

🌼 🌻 🍀 💮 ❁ 🌷 🌺 ❋ ❀ 🌸 🌹 ✽

#1 Try different trends & get rid of the unnecessary

A new season is a great excuse to get out of your comfort zone and try something new with makeup and clothes. Maybe a bright lipstick, or a more daring eyeliner, or a glowy sunkissed look. Mix different patterns, textures and lenghts; and layer items that you wouldn’t typically pair together. Get inspired!

And along with that do some Spring cleaning. When you clean your closet and makeup collection you’re not just organizing your space but ultimately your mind.

#2 Brush up your daily routine & make your life better

Since the days are getting long again, why not start getting up earlier than usual and truly enjoy the day? I know, we all love sleeping… But little changes to our routine like this one might be just what we need, especially if you’re looking for that extra motivation – and extra time – to be productive. Do more with your day!

#3 Explore your surroundings

You may think you know where you live very well, but there are probably corners here and there to be explored that you just don’t know yet. Now that the weather is more inviting, be adventurous! Also there are always coffeeshops, museums, boutiques, markets and such to visit and enjoy.

#4 Get natural!

Here are a few activities you can try out to turn your life a little greener this Spring: Walk or ride the bike to places | Get some new (real, not fake) plants for your home. | Go for a picnic in the park with someone you love. | Plant some seeds. | Go on a nature walk or hike. | Eat more organic food. | Take the chance to workout outdoors. | If you have a balcony or porch of some sort enjoy your meals outside.

Above all – have fun!

Marta 🙂 | Instagram: @pmymagazine


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