Books to look out for this 2016

Hello guys welcome back to another post! Today I will show you some of the books that caught my attention for this year, let’s begin:


  • “Magic words from the ancient oral tradition of the Inuit” by Edward Field. This book looks amazing! It tells us the story of the ancient Inuit, an Arctic tribe. Their myths and legends of how they came to be and how they got used to their harsh environment are translated to english in this book, in poems. Definetly a must read!
  • “Sleeping giants” by Sylvain Neuvel. This book is written in the form of news articles, jornal entries and interviews; this alone already puts the book in a very interesting place! The story revolves around a girl named Rose that falls under the earth only to find herself in a square room full of ancient carvings, however, the really weird part is the giant hand that the firefighters see while rescueing her. This event begins a long search for truth from various entities but will anyone find out the truth? And will it be a good thing?
  • “Monsterlands” by Michael Phillip Cash. Welcome to Monsterland, a place where you can spend some quality time with vampires, zombies and werewolves! Wyatt Baldwin receives an invite to go take a peek at this amazing place, what could go wrong? (seriously with so many monsters I’m really curious in what will try to kill the dude first!)

Here it is, only three books but I swear I have a good reason for this! I just wanted to make a list with some “weird” books: myths, ancient powers and monsters are not your normal settings for books (at least for me) so I think that I did  pretty good job 😉

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next week! I f you want to see more of our lives then why not follow our instagram @pmymagazine


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