The Big Bang Cut

Hello, everyone!

Since I’ve been sharing my haircut progression over the last year or so, I wanted to share my latest adventure as well: I got bangs!

It’s quite exciting for me, because I’ve never had them before. Ever. In my whole life. So it was very, very new. I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror most of the time, in those first few days, and I still have some moments where I enter a bathroom and go “oh, that’s right, I have bangs now”. So, on the plus side, having bangs is something comfortable enough for you to forget about them most of the day!

It’s almost too straight.
It’s almost too straight.

Another plus side is you can get bangs even if you have a rounder, fuller face – which I do. I really do. And that used to scare me away from getting bangs. But I’ve seen some sources and had my really nice hairdresser telling me it’s really not that big of a deal. From my perspective, I have to agree. Having a fuller face is in no way a no-no for getting bangs, like most beauty sites will tell you. Just do you and you’ll look happy!

I do feel a bit different, but that was also the point: to do something new and exciting, an idea I have been flirting for months and never had the nerve to go through with. But now I have and it wasn’t such a shocker. People had some sweet reactions and I got a lot of compliments, including telling me I look like a little doll! Of course, I’ve also had my brother tell me I look weird, so you can’t win them all.

There’s a chance I really am weird – bangs or no bangs.

But at the end of the day, I’m happy I got them and I’m appreciating my new look. Let’s see how it evolves. So you, with the fuller face and the big cheeks – get those bangs! Nothing’s stopping you, painter! And you’ll feel like you’re in the 70s sometimes, which is always a bonus 😉

Tell me what you think about this full face-no bangs debate!

Stay awesome,



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