Sum Up – February 2016

Hey all of you, my dear Painters! I hope you’re all well and prepared for the amount of posts that’s coming up? Today I’m here to bring you all of our February posts. It wasn’t our best month – we did had some problems, well, at least I had. I didn’t had that much imagination or will to write some posts. Don’t ask, I don’t know why, I guess it just happened. Either way, I hope March will be a happier month since Spring is coming.

A Day With Luís & Art and Miscellaneous


To start the post, I’m bringing you some of Luís’ posts for the month – Series Worth Watching During 2016 and he also did one post regarding Movie Releases. Finally, he decided make a small discussion regarding Lying and Secrets.



For February we decided to bring you 3 posts with some good content (at least we think it is :-P). They have for everyone’s taste: if you’re looking for some Make Up Products Review just click here. If you’re having a lazy day and needing some excitement in your make up routine feel free to read our post about Beauty Tips For The Lazy! Lastly, I made an extremely simple nail art regarding Valentine’s Day.

Crafts & DIYs


We also had a really crafty-ish month going on! For this month, Sofia made a Free Printable 2016 Calendar and Luísa made two posts as well – some Valentine’s Day Gifts and a Jewelry Holder.



Fashion is always that PMY likes to invest in! Let’s just say we really like our clothes (even Luís does). We made 2 OOTD, one from Sofia and  the other is from Ângela. Lastly (but still important!), Marta made a Wishlist exclusively about bags, shoes and jewelry – only nice stuff, let’s just put it that way.



For this category we do have quite a few posts going on and I’ll just make a short list so you guys can go through them easily 😉



Travelling is something that we all enjoy, right? For this month, we prepared 2 different posts in case you’re needing some inspiration – a travel log regarding São João’d Arga, a beautiful location in Portugal and a post about 3 places to visit that are not that famous (yet gorgeous!).

The Art of Cooking


Fancing a nice meal? We have the main course and the desert for you (yup, we’re that awesome) – a delicious veggie friendly Eggs with Mushrooms Oven Recipe and a Cinamon Mug Cake Recipe.



Lastly, that section where we put everything that has no especific category (such fun).


That is all for today, Painters! Phew, so many posts… I hope you enjoyed this Summing Up and that you found some interesting posts 😉 I’ll see you on Friday, have a joyful week, I mean, Spring is coming!



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