How to Stop Procrastinating

Hello again to another post guys! First of all,I’m so sorry for not posting anything last week – it was supposed to be an outfit but due to my lack of time and the rainy days here in Porto making this kind of posts became a bit harder. Also as this wasn’t enough I didn’t have any backup post prepared because I spend my life procrastinating! Which is why I decided to do this post (good job Luís). If you’re like me than I have a few tips and tricks to you!

  • Set a Realistic Goal Everyday: Having goals is cool but they are pointless if they’re impossible. If you feel hopeless while looking to your goal list, well, it will only make you feel worse and lead you to  lack of motivation.
  • ”Punish” yourself for not accomplishing your goal: Now I’m not saying that you should hit yourself or something like that! You should deprive yourself from little pleasures; stuff like going out with a friend, not eating that nice big greassy pizza slice you have been saving. It will require willpower but then again, everything does to an extent. You’ll definitely feel better about yourself once you finish that task.
  • Reward yourself!: This is the opposite of the last topic. As I said, not procrastinating takes a lot of willpower and that is why you should reward yourself with that same pizza slice that you didn’t eat the last day (unless you’re trying to get fit, don’t eat pizza if that’s the case).

So it is pretty much all there is to it! Sometimes you won’t be able to accomplish your goals but don’t worry, just keep your chin up and give your best 😉 Everyone has its own methods, these are just some of mine.

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