Travel Log: Porto’s Foz

Hello, painters!

We’ve talked about Porto many times in this blog. It’s a beautiful city and I think we are all excited that we get to live or study there. Nonetheless, I had never been to one of its most beautiful places: the “Foz” (the mouth of River Douro, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean).

For that reason, I decided to take advantage of one very sunny winter day, here in the ol’ North of Portugal, and took my mom out for an adventure. We had no plan but to walk around Foz, and it ended being an incredibly lovely day! Of course we walked a ton, but we are used to that in our sightseeing – it enriches the experience.

And what an experience we had! We had lunch somewhere in Pinhais da Foz, in these cute little galleries. Then we walked down towards the river and ended up right at its mouth. It’s a breathtaking view, since you can see most of Porto’s riverside, as well as Gaia’s, its twin city. Not to mention the ocean view, which is unbelievably peaceful.

In Porto, Foz is considered a very rich and privileged area – we even have an expression because of it! Being a tia da Foz is a bit of an insult, implying you are a shallow and futile, yet rich, woman. I can say that, from the big stroll I took there, I could definitely see the point: the whole sea-facing avenues are filled with antique mansions and villas, these very large and beautiful vintage houses, in which you could tell the old lords and wealthy families would live. That makes for a very beautiful area, full of architectonic interest.

The beach must be really lovely in the summer, and the seaside avenues are filled with small parks with trees. There are a lot of places where you can just sit and enjoy the view. There’s even a gorgeous viewpoint, incredibly romantic and a bit reminiscent of Greek architecture. I had some fun taking photos of it, as you can see 😛

All in all, it was a gorgeous day, both in weather and in spirits. Foz is a great mirror of Porto’s culture, but with a small elegant twist. It’s also wonderful to have these kind of relaxing days, where you can just walk with your partner in crime and really stop and smell those roses – or the sea breeze. Try to set a day aside this month and see the difference it makes. It’s a challenge!

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