15 amazing products you need in your life

Hello! So today I’m here with a post that is quite random (or at least a bit different from what I usually talk about). But personally I love this sort of quirky stuff, so why not? Well, here are 15 products you probably didn’t know existed, but that you need in your life.


A digital highlighter that will change your student life. You slide it across the page and it scans the text to your computer. Super quick, instead of having to type manually. Amazing?!

cheerful little manatee sticks to the side of your cup and acts as a tea infuser

(Adorable) little manatee that sticks to the side of your cup and works as a tea infuser.

Inflatable car bed

Inflatable car bed. Perfect for roadtrips.

Glowing-Memo-Alarm-Clock. Cuter than a sticky note right

Glowing memo alarm clock that you can personalize with a message, to-do list or drawing. Much better than a sticky note right?

Garlic chopper to easily chop, dice & mince garlic cloves.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

For those who love their cereal but hate when it gets all soggy – meet the never-soggy cereal bowl!

Hands free book holder

Make your reading experience more entertaining, relaxing and… hands-free! With this gimble book holder.

Easy Comb and its removable rubber base

This is a hairbrush with a removable rubber base so you can keep your brush always neat.

Mesh-bottom beach bag

This is genius in my opinion! The type of thing that makes me ask myself why I had never thought about it before. It’s a beach bag with a mesh-bottom so you can carry all of your stuff nicely and without any sand around. To make any beach day even more perfect.

dispensers that turn block soap into beautiful little flakes

Soap dispenser that tranforms your block soap into tiny flakes. It makes washing your hands fun, cleaner and slippery-free.

Citrus Sprayer

Another incredibly useful kitchen product – it’s a citrus sprayer; you basically insert it onto your lemon, for example, and then you can instantly spray the juice on your food!

Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer

Instant smartphone printer – an awesome gadget if you love the idea of turning your phone pics into printed photos (polaroid style) that you can actually grasp and keep!

Two Person Umbrella

Yes, this is a two person umbrella. You know, for those times when not even the rain can keep you apart. Or something like that.

Turn boring old eggs into kitty art with this egg mold.

Forget boring eggs! Turn them into art with this kitty egg mold.

Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Finally, if you’re a bit clumsy then this might be the thing for you: magnetic light switch cover. You’ll never lose your keys.

And don’t forget, if you’re interested in any of these things you can actually purchase them! I know, I know – some of them sound too good to be true. But they’re actual real products so just google it and you’ll be able to find where to get them.

See you next time! 😉


Instagram: @pmymagazine


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