Notes of the Week #9

Hey everyone, how are you all going? I’m definitely not in my best shape (feeling like I just caught a cold) but I’m giving my best – spent so much time at home during January that I just want to be outside, even if that means going to college classes. Ugh. Either way, I decided to make another Notes of the Week because even though it feels like a rather useless post, I enjoy writing it. It makes me feel safer and it makes me understand myself better (am I making sense?).

I. For the 100th time, money isn’t everyhting in the world. I feel like I’ll write this eternaly and always forget. I don’t have to constantly count every cent I spend. Chill, angie.

II. Don’t feel extremely bad for hurting someone if that means finding your happiness – no one has the right to stop you from achieving it.

III. You really need to love what you study and where you work. Like, really or you’ll just fail and feel miserable all the time.

IV. Find some good mantras and follow them – trust me, it will help. When I’m feeling rather confused, I just think of some sentences that might calm me down. When you screw something up, it’s always nice to think ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, right?

V. Who knew I would enjoy using make up that much.

That is all for today my dear Painters! I’m so sorry for writing so little but I’m feeling the blues + the cold isn’t going away! See you on Sunday and let’s just hope I’m better 😉




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