Outfit: The Strawberry Sweater

I didn’t know I wanted it.

I’ve seen it on other people – mostly girls -, but I wasn’t sure I liked it. I mean, at first, I was sure. I was sure I hated them! They looked bulky and a tad bit fake. The whimsical look just felt completely off. And then, as with most fashion trends, it kind of grew on me. The need for warm winter sweaters may have helped. I had also gotten a sweet little pink cardigan with faux fur (you can see it here). And seeing it on my friends… They looked so comfortable in it! I decided I shouldn’t fear the faux fur just because it looked different. Maybe I should give it a chance.


As I walked down an avenue here in Póvoa, the opportunity popped up to grab one of these fuzzy friends. There were two sweaters on sale, so I got this baby for only 10€ – tell me that’s not a bargain?! The other one was black and larger, so it took me some debate (and my mother’s opinion) to choose which one would look best on me and in my closet. I went with the burgundy because it was smaller and I’m not a big fan of black. I really love color far more!

This is how I ended up with what I now call my “strawberry sweater”. I’ve told everyone that I feel like a strawberry in it, because of the color. It’s incredibly warm, and it’s a bit high-waisted, so it looks good with both skirts and jeans. If you ask me, I love the way my hips look when I go for those jeans 😉 And I love the color, so I’m very happy that I got over my prejudice against fuzzy sweaters. Look how happy it made me!

Do you have a similar story with a fashion trend? What do you think of faux fur sweaters? Let us know in the comments!

And, as always, stay awesome,



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